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About Reenex Beauty Services and Prices

Have you ever searched for the best beauty service provider to no avail? Don’t worry, because you are not alone. Many, like you, have had the same trouble, but they found the exact kind of service they have been looking for after meeting Reenex Beauty & Slimming Specialists. What is special about Reenex? Reenex has become a buzz in the streets of Sydney Central Business Districts and beyond lately.

It is both a product and a service located in the heart of Sydney CBD. They offer different types of beauty and skincare services. Some examples of services include Shellac Nail Treatment, Manicure and Pedicure, Body Treatments, Weight loss treatment and Specialist Facials.

Special Services by Reenex Beauty Reenex Beauty has a plethora of products and services, and the good thing is that they are all cheap and affordable. Below is a sample list along with the exact prices.

Collin Hydrating Treatment The Collin Hydrating Treatment is a special skin care treatment costing only $88 USD. The specialists will clean, exfoliate, scrub mask and steam your face. Additionally, you will get a 30-minute massage on face and neck. The product used for the massage is the hydrating serum and cream. Other products for massage are hydrating toner and soft masks.

Firmness Cellular Treatment This is probably one of the most expensive treatments on the list, and it is still as special as the rest of the treatments that you will get here. This one involves a diamond scrub with a calming form. You get a neck and face massage for about 30 minutes. The products used for the massage include cool lifting serum and hyaluronique acide. Creams are also used for massage. This treatment will deduct $168 USD from your wallet.

An Anti Age Treatment The real name for this treatment is Selvert Cellular Anti Age Professional Treatment. If you are willing and able to spend $188 USD at Reenex Beauty and Slimming Specialist in a hot and lovely afternoon, then this treatment is definitely for you. This treatment includes the following: Cleaning the skin Steaming the skin Activating peeling Vitamin peeling There is a 30 minutes face and neck massage done using the apple cellular anti aging serum. They also use special removal wrinkle creams and Apple Cellular Lifting Masks for massage.